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My husband and I vacation in a remote part of Mexico for two weeks every year. Over the past several years i have developed a sensitivity to the sun that has made the vacation difficult. I have tried everything – but my hands, forearms, knees and thighs still break out in hives. I was having decent, but not great, coverage with sunscreen from CVS that includes Zinc Oxide. last summer I saw this product on-line and figured I would give it a try. IT WORKED! I still have to put it on religiously, but I was able to stay on the beach and read my book without trying to cover my body with clothing. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t stay sticky. I am back on-line to order more because we leave for our Mexico trip soon. I am bringing two bottles with me. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Leigh E.
Leigh E.Customer

Great product. The product really is fragrance-free! I have to use sunscreen year ’round and did not want to smell like coconut all year. This sunscreen makes that possible.
This sunscreen is not greasy at all and blends into the skin very quickly. Bought with confidence.

Mike D.
Mike D.Customer

The best value for your money, 8 oz for $10. I’ve researched a lot about the best sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and zinc oxide is the best. I’ve been using Olay UV Defense which is 6% Zinc Oxide and they cost $12 for 2.5 oz. So I switched to this which is 6.4% zinc oxide. I use it every day on my face, neck, and hands before I go to work. It goes on before my make-up, and does not look whitish at all. I’m very happy with this product and will keep buying it.

Cassie F.
Cassie F.Customer

I bought this product for my high school football players and it is the best sunscreen on the market. You only have to apply it once to get all day protection and the fact that it has Zinc Oxide in the product makes it so that my players won’t have to constantly reapply and it is good for their skin.

Rico W.
Rico W.Customer

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